How we work

WPDM are the specialists for SourceOne based in the UK but covering the UK and  Ireland, Mainland Europe, the Middle East and Africa. (Please contact us for engagements globally).  We offer professional services for all modules of EMC SourceOne including Email Management, File Archiving and eDiscovery


What is SourceOne?


SourceOne is an archival platform.  It supports eMail Management and Discovery, Sharepoint Archiving, File Archiving and eDiscovery with Discovery Manager and Kazeon.  You may be interested in archiving for:
•Storage Management (to reduce the amount of email, Sharepoint data or File data held on your primary storage)
•Compliance (you may be in a  regulated industry)
•Corporate Governance (you need to retain corporate information for a set amount of time)
•Legal requirements (the need for eDiscovery for FOI requests, legal disputes or employment tribunals).


Whatever your needs around archiving, SourceOne can supply the means and, with WPDM, you can develop the solutions required to meet the business requirements.


WPDM Professional Services


We can supply all your SourceOne professional services requirements:
•Pre-sales support
•Consultancy Services
* Solution Design

* Implementation

* Migrations from other archive systems to SourceOne



WPDM are not an EMC Sales partner but we can put you in touch with partners who can sell you SourceOne licences (and satisfy your other EMC hardware and software requirements)
WPDM Pro-Active Monitoring


You or your customers may have invested in a SourceOne solution or be about to invest in a SourceOne solution. Ensure that you fully realise that investment.


Most organisations’ IT departments are being asked to deliver more and more at lower cost. Front line services (MS Exchange, Finance systems, Customer systems) have to take priority. The archive system has lower priority and may not get the attention it requires to operate effectively and efficiently.

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