Contact WPDM for healthcheck service of your archive solution.

Are aim is to make sure that the solution is running as designed and without errors. Key to the healthcheck is to make sure that the latest hotfixes are applied and the solution has no bottlenecks.


We are a team of experienced consultants who really know how things work from your side of the desk, it’s about practical hands on testing and check, transferring skills and doing it all in a way that makes the change stick and become part of the norm.



  • Identify issues BEFORE problems occur
  • Gives you a second opinion when you need it most
  • Lowers the risk associated with failing IT
  • Proactive management of your IT
  • Peace of mind when the pressure is on
  • Reduction in operating costs

The Health Check is specially designed to ensure a quality inspection of data archives and quickly enable organizations to take steps that optimize the performance of the health of the archive(s).


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