EMC EmailXtender – End Of Life

EMC EmailXtender – End Of Life

As many of you know, EMC EmailXtender was replaced with a next generation archiving solution called EMC SourceOne, a generalised object platform that supports archiving for email as well as Microsoft SharePoint and file system data.

As with any new architectural solution, customers either move to the new platform by co-existence with the previous archival system or they perform data migration from the old architecture to the new.

EMC SourceOne is a leading archiving platform that delivers benefits for operational efficiency and  legal discovery. The WPDM EmailXtender migration service enables customers to reap all the benefits of managing their data in the EMC SourceOne framework without the overhead of maintaining two environments.

Available Options

  • Co-existence. As a matter of fact, if a customer is moving from EMC EmailXtender to a new platform, EMC SourceOne is the only solution on the market that allows the “co-existence” of EMC EmailXtender data. With this model there is one search across both platforms with complete chain of custody.
  • Full EMC EmailXtender Migration. The perfect opportunity to perform both data migration and refresh  hardware. Also great for customers that have refined their retention and disposition policies and wish to re-ingest data with updated retention.
  • In Place Migration. For many, a full migration is not necessary as only the database and the index need to be consolidated and the volume of archives can remain in place. This proves to be the fastest and least costly migration alternative and the best solution for those companies with huge amounts of historical archives. Early feedback around the EMC SourceOne 6.8 product release including In Place Migration indicates that our EMC EmailXtender customers could not be happier.

WPDM can help EMC EmailXtender customers move to EMC SourceOne both efficiently and cost effectively and help alleviate the concerns associated with data migration between these two systems.

Contact Us today to discuss your EMC EmailXtender to EMC SourceOne migration – it’s time to move on!


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