SISCIN is a File Analysis and Archiving solution hosted in Azure. It’s a single dashboard for full visibility of your entire file server data. Allowing the creation of policies based on analysis of your data for retention, deduplication, deletion or archiving, enabling full control in managing your file data. SISCIN allows flexible storage control to archive directly to the Cloud or locally. Giving organisations the performance and scalability of the Cloud with their existing server infrastructure.


Full drill-down reporting analysis of file data identifying attributes such as owner, type, size, location, age etc.


Control your data by implementing deletion retention, deduplication, archiving and analysis policies including ‘what if’ analysis.


Move your data securely in a compressed and encrypted format locally or directly to the Cloud (AWS and Azure).


Reclaim Storage Space, Reduce Costs

Management of Tier 1 Storage. Removal of redundant, obsolete, non-business critical data to Tier 2 or 3 Storage. Leading to the reduction of back-up costs. The choice of multiple storage pools to meet your organisations data profile.

Reduction of Time

Reduce the pressures and demands on IT by giving them the tools to control and manage their unstructured file data from one central dashboard.


Bit Level Encryption – SISCIN compresses and encrypts data on your servers before transfer. Selected files can be split and stored in different Cloud or Local Tiered Storage locations and with different Cloud providers for additional security.

Intelligent Management

Empower Data Managers to understand, identify and clean your data. Remove obsolete data and clean your data in preparation for GDPR.


SISCIN with Vue-X provides advanced content indexing. Giving you search capabilities to analyse, identify, locate, retrieve and delete data for DSAR or e-Discovery management.

Immutable File Storage

SISCIN TripleLock archives allow organisations to quickly implement WORM technology that makes immutable “locked” copies of their data within the cloud, thereby providing comprehensive ransomware protection.

SISCIN – How It Works

SISCIN is hosted within Azure with a simple drop-in 7kb agent onto your file servers, removing the need for additional hardware. The SISCIN dashboard is web-based providing remote configuration, access, and policy setting. SISCIN Analysis provides full reporting of your file server data so you understand your data.


 “We tested a lot of industry leading archiving toolsets, SISCIN was by far the easiest to use out of the box and intuitive to use.”


Steve Evans

Direct Cloud Backup

“SISCIN indexed all files, indexed every word in every file that we had, and that is crucial when doing a subject access request.”


Liam Sinnott

Health Research Board

 “Specifically as a Not for Profit Organisation, transparency and accountability are paramount in the way we manage our data.”


Gerry Philpott


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